ARTag Non-commerical SDK Download -last updated June 22/2008

The ARTag library can be added to your own Windows, Linux, or Mac programs for augmented reality applications. Create your own AR games and multimedia applications!

ARTag was developed by myself (Mark Fiala) when I was working at the National Research Council of Canada's Institute of Information Technology. However, due to restructuring and refocusing of resources on areas deemed as strategic, research in the areas of augmented reality and computer vision was halted. I am currently attempting to continue research and work in AR in my own company. I have been attempting the rights to develop, distribute, and sell ARTag, however, so far I have not been successful in acquiring this. Hopefully I will be so that I can keep providing it to users.

If you have a valid ARTag evaluation code then you can download the SDK below:

Enter ARTag SDK Evaluation Code

If you have purchased the book Augmented Reality, A Practical Guide (can be purchased from Amazon ) and you don't mind filling out a few verification questions then you can download the SDK below. Please enter the next three words after the given text on the given page.

On page 75, first line: "...In addition, ensure than OpenGL..."
On page 91, last line: " crashing, it may..."
On page 52, first line: "Therefore, the..."

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